Dec 2017

Look really closely

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I've been observing this one area of my reef for a while, which is pretty much in the center of the 400g. The sunset montipora of course is vivid and beautiful, but the leading edge of the rock -- what's going on there?

What are all those tiny white worm things? They aren't vermetids.  I'm still waiting for a new pair of prescription glasses to arrive, but I have other ways.  I took the Nikon out, added a handy lens and captured a better view for my monitor.  It turns out they were a bunch of tiny tube worms or feather duster like creatures. See that Asterina with three arms? That gives you a little perspective:

I'm surprised the Copperband Butterfly doesn't snack on these filter feeders. Not that I want him to, I think they are pretty.  The yellow stuff is sponge, another filter feeder in my reef.


Clayton Smith's picture
Clayton Smith
I have lots in my tank, my emerald crab is the only thing that eats them, tube and all. They're softer than vermetid shells, kinda flexible, but still a very sturdy casing. Guessing your butterfly leaves them alone since they retract so quickly just like feather dusters.
melev's picture
Perhaps. I like seeing stuff like this in my tank.

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