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Sun, 01/09/2005 - 14:48

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Recently I was asked which corals are in my tank, so I created a list (as of today)

Pink Pocillopora

Fuzzy Green Pocillopora (frag)

Fuzzy Green Pocillopora (Nathan's)

Beigh Pocillopora w/ xmas tree worms


Hammer Coral

Sun Coral

Fungia (plate) Coral


Brown Rimmed Zoanthids w/ green mouths

Pink Speckled Zoanthids w/ green mouths

Gold Speckled Zoanthids w/ green mouths

Bytor Orange Zoanthids

Safecracker Red Zoanthids

Mean Green Zoanthids

Golden Zoanthids

Sundial Zoanthids

Plasma Green Zoanthids (only 2 or 3 polyps)

Burnt Orange Zoanthids

Green Ringed Zoanthids

Beigh speckled Zoanthids

Green & Orange Center Zoanthids

Green Slimer (A. yongei) - recently fragged to save what was left

Green Slimer (Nathan's)

Purple Tipped Montipora Digitata

Green Montipora Digitata

Orange Montipora Digitata

Red Polyped Montipora Digitata

Blue Torte (A. tortuosa) - 3 separate frags

Blue Torte (Nathan's)

Green A. humilis (frag)

Green A. humils (Nathan's)

Red Milleopora (frag)

Red Milleopora (Nathan's)

Blue Tipped Acropora

Purple-Tipped Acropora (Nathan's)

Baby Blue Acropora milleopora (Nathan's)

Baby Blue Acropora milleopora (2)

Tricolor Acropora - complete with red bugs.

A. tenuis - very pretty coloration of blues & greens

A. tenuis (Nathan's)

Purple Polyped Acropora (was fake yellow at first)

Too Green Acropora (was yellow at first)

Orange M. capricornis

Orange M. capricornis frag

Brown M. capricornis with lavendar rim

Colt Coral frags (2)

Kenya Tree frag (2 years old, never grows)

Devil's Hand Leather

Toadstool Leather


Green Star Polyps w/ white centers

Green Star Polyps w/ green centers

A. rosetta

Scripps Acropora frags

Scripps Acropora (Nathan's)


Candy Cane


Neon green Birdsnest

Hyndophora frag (possibly?)

Large green Acropora (Nathan's)

Fuzzy Pocillopora (STN'ing for the past few weeks)

Encrusting Montipora (Nathan's)

M hispida (used to be encircled by Mean Greens)


6 more Acros (Nathan's)

Deep Blue A. milleopora

3 unknown Acropora species

Other livestock

Peach centered Ricordia

Blue Ricordia

Green Ricordia

Green Speckled Mushrooms

Ultra Rare Red Mushrooms

Teal Mushrooms

3 BTAs (from my original BTA so now well over 2 yrs old)

Purple Frilly Mushrooms (5 and growing)

2 rock anemones

Blue Maxima Baby

And a bunch of fish.

I think that covers most of the livestock. :)

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