Jan 2005

Mon, 01/10/2005 - 10:30

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Last night, I observed more of the baby peppermint shrimp in my tank again, and assume that was a secondary release of them. I don't believe any will survive in the main tank.

The blue mandarin I've had the longest is fattening up, so the Mandarin Diner is working as I'd hoped. Her colors are still faded, but that could be stress-related since the Orange Mandarin still chases her from time to time. On a good note, I've seen her chase the Green Mandarin, so she's getting stronger.

One of my SPS corals has been doing poorly for about 4 weeks now. Coincidentally, the SPS just to the left of it started bleaching as well. That coral was much too green, which usually indicates that it won't survive in my system. There is a rock anemone directly behind both corals, so it might have something to do with their demise, but I'm not sure.

The 3 BTAs continue to look strong and healthy, and the mated clowns laid a clutch of eggs 3 days ago yet again.

Last night I went ahead and made another month's supply of food for the tanks, and I used a ton of Cyclop-Eeze this time. The food came out very red.

While enjoying the tank last night, I only had the 400w 20,000K bulb turned on, and tried to get a decent shot of what I saw. It really looked surreal, but I have the tendency to want to take pictures that I'm simply not able to take. I don't know if it is my lack of understanding of the camera settings or if the camera isn't good enough to get those shots. So here they are, fwiw.

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