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Tue, 01/18/2005 - 02:37

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I thought I'd update you with some fresh images. I'll try to make it fun tonight.

First of all, my lovely (yet aggressive) Orange Mandarin. Yes, orange. It was more orange when I acquired it(check my ID page), but it is more greenish today. But not like the male Target Mandarin. This is my fattest mandarin in the tank, and chases the other three.

And you know your fish is too fat when it needs some helpful ceriths to help hold it up:

Here are a few reef shots, showing my Hippo Tangs, the Purple Tang, and the Naso flaring his fins.

The center Hippo is Tucker, the outer Hippos are yellow-bellied tangs.

The clownfish eggs are ready to hatch, probably tonight or tomorrow.

This purple tipped acropora was STNing over a month ago, so I moved it to the substrate to watch the massacre. It also has red bugs. However, much to my surprise, it is now holding its own, and new growth is appearing. Look at the one very bright purple tip, and note the fleas while you're at it.

Here is a nice shot of a multi-colored acropora of Nathan's. I'm definitely swiping a branch of this little guy before it ships to Atlanta. ;)

How about this one - How many fish can you count in this image? :D

This is one of my repetitive shots, but I always like it because one zoo is different from the rest. cue Sesame Street theme song now...

This is a close up of Smiller's Pavona.

The blue tortuosa (A. tortuosa) continues to grow, and that makes my very happy!

Some Bytor Orange Zoos:

And I'll conclude with a couple more mandarin shots

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