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Sun, 02/13/2005 - 15:55

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I took some pictures with my Top Down Photo Box today. I use a Fuji S602Z.

Here are two frags I got about 4 months ago. They have puddled out nicely.

The Alveopora my clown hosts in daily.

A blue A. milleopora and a clown goby hiding within.

This is Fraggle Rock, where I like to put small frags to grow out.

M. hispida, with a new frag I got recently. It should be a purple M. capricornis (or in that family), and will hopefully heal up in time.

A top down shot of some LPS corals.

M. capricornis, at 18 months of growth. It is about the size of a salad plate now. You can see some green algae on the right edge that is slowly being overgrown by healthy tissue. The bright green stuff near the back is Psammacora that refuses to give up as the M. cap continues to grow on and around it.

How fat is your Powder Blue Tang? A few frags on the substrate, including my closed up (for the daytime hours) suncoral and the Mandarin Diner.

Purple tipped Montipora digitata. Way back in September/October you saw images of this coral, and it was either white or lavendar, and looked dead all day long. Not only did it color up finally, but it got fluffy!

I've had this piece for well over a year. The polyps are actually purple, but this is another coral where the skeleton is too green and usually implies doom in the future. I hope it will survive.

I believe this is a red M. digitata that Nathan has me holding (I'll keep most of it. hehehe) It looked like a spider a couple of months ago, but has grown quite a bit since.

love table acropora, but never have had one. One frag was given to me but it didn't make it a month. This is a tiny piece I got from Peterlin that had blue tips. It was very very tiny, but I mounted it and left it alone. In about 2 months, it has gotten to this point. Small puddling around the base, and a little more vertical height. I hope it will continue to do well, and color up the way I saw it in his tank.

Some zoos, and my baby clam at the bottom edge of the picture. 

Here's a cool shot of one of Nathan's corals. The full image is really amazing, but this will have to suffice for here.

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