Feb 2005

Mon, 02/14/2005 - 15:46

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Alright, how much does it cost to run my reef? A club member put together a nice page to enter the data, and I took a deep breath and filled in the fields.


These are my entries.

And this was the result

I forgot to include the 2x 19w refugium bulbs, but I think everything else is included. Keep in mind that these numbers are merely estimates. If I want more accuracy, I'll need to buy a Kill-o-watt meter to find out exactly what each item uses. Which might be worth doing, if it helps me curb some costs down the road.

One big item not figured in is how much it costs to run the small 8000 BTU window unit, which cycles on and off as needed to keep the room a constant 80F in the winter and 78F in the summer.

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