May 2005

Thu, 05/19/2005 - 20:21

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A Frogspawn Growth Sequence

Originaly, the coral was a single head, slightly oval-shaped when I got it.

April 2004 - you can see the mouth. I actually fed it tiny bits of shrimp occasionally.

May 2004 - for sense of scale, here it is in my 29g.

August 2004 - It was transferred to the 280g reef.

September 2004

December 2004 - It is my opinion that this coral, as well as Hammer corals, will create a bubble that allows the single elongated head of one polyp to become two. The bubble allows a separation, and my piece had this bubble daily for several weeks.

February 2005

Today, May 2005 - It has many heads now, after keeping this coral for about 12 months. Guys that state their coral has 40 heads amaze me, as I don't know how they accomplish such fast growth. This coral has about 8 heads, including a few along the trunk of the skeleton. It has gotten large enough that it started to sting the Pavona in front of it, so I moved the coral a few inches away to avoid any contact between the two.

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