Jun 2005

Mon, 06/06/2005 - 02:25

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A new webpage has been created to help those that want to make their own acrylic sump. This page explains how to create the top flange.


Water tests were done again. Parameters page

It turns out, my Salifert Magnesium test kit had the wrong size spoon in it. It had the little white one like the Nitrate test kit, so my readings never went up all this time. When I opened my new kit today to do the Mg test, I saw the larger blue spoon in the box. And the better reading is the result. I've been dosing Magnesium Chloride daily trying to bring it up, and it is nice to know it is working.

Phosphates continue to rise. Argh! I changed out the Tunze Silphos product, and this time decided to not rinse the media first. Tunze states to remove PO4 quickly, don't rinse. My tank turned red.

The livestock seems unaffected, and I hope by morning the water will be clear again. And the PO4 should be lower, I hope!!!!!!

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