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Mon, 07/11/2005 - 02:40

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Meet Casper, the newest addition to the Pico tank.

And here are a bunch of images taken: Late-night Photography

I was looking in my tank by flashlight, and came across some stuff I'd not seen before. So I'll post those as well as some other things that were kodak-worthy. ;)

First of all, this is a Peppermint Snail, thanks for IDing it TippyToeX. This snail was in my overflow, and is very small. Maybe 1/4" long and the shell was about the thickness of a grain of rice.

Then under my Montipora foliosa, I found a starfish! I don't recall ever adding this guy to my tank, so it was a cool surprise.

Here is a Peanut worm, in the process of retracting back into its hole. It is the horizontal brownish stick, as pointed out by the arrow.

These are Orange Ball Anemones. My tank has lots of these scattered about, and they don't cause any harm. I've seen them pop out between zoanthids, or just within the rockwork. They don't seem to do any damage at all, but are invisible during the daytime. I found some in my refugium in the past too. They are actually in the mushroom family, not the anemone family. Still, the name stuck.

And here is a neat thing. I still don't know what it is, but I like seeing it late nights with my flashlight. It looks just like a suncoral polyp, but the tentacles are opaque or clear.

One fighting conch.

This is funny. A cerith is holding onto the glass, with an astrea on its back, and then another cerith on its back! "Get off my buddy!!" must be going through #3's mind.

I have discovered my tank has lots and lots of chitons. I only see them at night though in these amounts. Also the bb-sized snails.

Here is nipples, feeding at night.

Frogspawn when closed up...

An emerald crab.

My suncoral.

One Serpent Starfish, that was ducking away from the light.

A flower or rock anemone.

And finally the Diadema Urchin.

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