Oct 2005

Sat, 10/15/2005 - 20:05

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MaxiJet Modification

If you'll take 10 minutes and a couple of common tools, you can alter a Maxijet to increase the flow in the tank quite a bit. I was told how to do this, and finally decided to try it out. It worked!

Using a hacksaw, I cut off the jet off the impellar cover.

Holes were drilled in the coverplate to allow more water to flow in.

Here it is in the tank. 

And what the tank looks like. The white is a sheet of eggcrate that keeps the eels away from the clownfish. 

And a 30 second video that is under 2 megs.

This was done in my son's 29g, as his tank only had one powerhead and not enough flow. The white divider is 'egg crate' that is keeping the eels away from the clownfish on the left.

I also tested the water in my 280g reef. Results have been posted.

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