Dec 2005

Thu, 12/15/2005 - 17:38

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Reef parameters have been updated. Alkalinity and Calcium have risen quite a bit since the Calcium Reactor was cleaned out and refilled. Phosphates are up again, which is so hard for me to believe. I'll test it again tonight to see if the first reading was false. There are 11 fish in the tank now, and I feed less than before. The Phosban Reactors were refilled about 10 days ago, and PO4 should really have dropped completely. Strange.

The corals in the tank look good overall. Something likes to bump them out of position from time to time, but I'm not sure what. It is nice to see new growth continue to occur slowly. Keeping the temperature of the tank as stable as possible at this time of year requires for me to check the readouts often, and then I open or close the door to the garage as required. This is cheaper than running the window a/c unit, as there is plenty of cold air one room away. :)

The new mandarin that I added well over a month ago suddenly reappeared last Thursday. Talk about a shy fish - I never saw it for three weeks even when I was trying to seek it out.

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