Dec 2005

Sat, 12/17/2005 - 06:50

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Good news!

I was checking the website's statistics page, and an alert came up stating that I had too many files eating up server space and that I needed to delete some. Since I knew that wasn't true, I contacted customer support. The tech support guy checked everything out, and updated my account to match the current Business Pro package offered by ipowerweb.com.

Since my credit card was just billed a few days ago for another 12 months, timing was perfect. Now Melevsreef.com has 10,000 megs of space to host all the files associated with the site, and is allowed 250gigs of bandwidth per month for the same price I was paying in the past. I've been using Ipowerweb's hosting service for the past few years, and they've always helped me when there was a problem. If you decide to get a hosting plan, your referral will help this site out. If three people refer me when they sign up, my site will be paid for another year. All you have to do is include my email address (melev@swbell.net) during the sign up process, and that's it. I've referred many people to ipowerweb over the years, but never knew about the referral program. Oops!

According to the statistics page today, the site has had over 24,000,000 hits this year. Over 2,000,000 pages have been viewed during that same time period, and on January 1, 2006 I'll post the grand totals for those of you that are interested. I really am fascinated by the traffic that occurs on my site, while others seem puzzled that I even care. I guess we all have different interests, right? :)

You guys should know me well enough by now to know I keep track of all kinds of things, like how long my tank has been set up, how old the fish are, how a coral grows over time, etc. Well, my website is simply an extension of the hobby and I like to see what is growing electronically as well. If it didn't come with the Vdeck control panel and awstats, I wouldn't have this information to peruse, but since I do I like to share it with others. And if it bores you, I'll always find a way to distract you with something else, like this.

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