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Tue, 01/03/2006 - 14:59

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Ding Dong.

Finally. The UPS delivery I've been waiting for for weeks. I ordered a Kill-O-watt device on Dec 14, and never heard from the company again. I emailed them thrice, and still no reply. I got a statement on Saturday showing they got my money though. 

So I opened it up, and plugged in some stuff to see what I could see. I didn't test the MH because I didn't want to power them off and then back on again. I'll test those in the future.

Euro-Reef Skimmer with two Sedra 5000 pumps. Their rating: 50w each, or 100w total. Kill-O-watt: 81w

IceCap 430 ballast powering two 6' 160w actinic bulbs. Kill-O-watt: 187w

Little Giant Model OPWG-46 return pump. Kill-O-watt: 141w

Two Tunze 6100 Streams, rated at 45w each. Kill-O-watt: 33w (low) / 45w (high) & 37w (low) / 51w (high)

Calcium Reactor's Mag 7 circulation pump, rated at 70w. Kill-O-watt: 47w

MaxiJet 1200 (pumping water into Calcium Reactor), rated at 20w. Kill-O-watt: 14w

Two Refugium 19w 5100K bulbs. Kill-O-watt: 20w & 21w

Two IceCap 4" fans, rated for 12 volts. Kill-O-watt: 11w

That is pretty much it. I need to test the heaters and the MH bulbs. Interesting numbers, don't you think? I was surprised how much less the VHO lighting measured. Maybe it is more to fire them up when they are cold.

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