Jan 2006

Mon, 01/09/2006 - 22:48

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A close call...

When I got back in town, I found the Golden Eel in my son's tank on the wrong side of the tank's partitian, over by the clownfish where I don't want it. I moved the partitian over, so it would swim back to its side and all was well.

Tonight I fed the tank and my son just ran up to me telling me the eel was on the floor! I had to pull it out from under his dresser (that the tank is on) and he was covered in dog hair - an area you can't clean without removing the furniture.

I took the eel to the kitchen to rinse off all I could and let me tell you that holding an eel in one hand and trying to get tap water near tank temps is tough when you worry about its need for saltwater to breathe and live. After I was able to clean off about 85% of it, it twisted to get out of my hand which was a tad scary as I've been bit before.

Fortunately it just put up with my ministrations, and I put it back in the tank. Within 5 seconds it swam to the bottom to recover from its adventure.

UPDATE 24 hours later...

The eel did not survive. :(

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