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I'm re-posting this here to get it out to as many people as possible. If you have an answer, please email me immediately at melev@swbell.net

I need some help from you guys. Yesterday when I fed Casper (female H. reidi) at her normal time like I do every day for the past six months, she didn't eat. She stayed hiding in the back corner. Tonight, she seemed to half-heartedly eat one mysis, but the cleaner shrimp ran over and basically spooked her. I chased him away to the other end of the tank, but Casper didn't eat again. This can't be good. Anyone else with seahorses observe such behavior, and if so is it just a self-imposed diet for a day or two? I'll test the water and do water changes tonight if it is a water quality issue.

Spock (female Blonde Naso) has been hiding all day long in the back of the reef. This is very unlike her as well, and when I fed tonight she was out but didn't seem interested in eating either. What's going on?

Just so you know, Casper's tank is separate and does not share any water with the reef tank, and the food she gets is Hikari mysis exclusively. Spock gets the same food I make in my normal recipe, and the food hasn't changed in weeks.

Both fish (can you believe a seahorse is a fish?) show no signs of infection or damage to their bodies or their fins. Their eyes are clear and active.

Hopefully someone with some experience with either of these fish will chime in. Email me.

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