Mar 2006

Wed, 03/08/2006 - 20:41

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I talked with Keys Critters, and they suggested I keep them away from the Harlequins. I'll try to retrieve the starfish and put them in a different tank.

Tonight I polished off the rest of a Costco-sized jar of pretzels. While looking at it, I thought how it would make a cool tank. :D After peeling off the label (which is aggravating and takes far too long), I cleaned it up well and filled it up with water to see how much it could hold. That would be two gallons. So what to do?

I figured a large phyto making container, which would use less space on the rack. I don't know if one bulb will still do the job, but I'll find out soon enough. I drilled the lid with four holes 3/16" in size, and inserted three rigid tubes for oxygen and circulation. The fourth hole is the vent.

Here it is, next to a typical 2g bottle that was ready to harvest.

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