Mar 2006

Wed, 03/15/2006 - 03:45

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Many of you enjoy my site for the latest information about my livestock and various ideas. Last year I participated in a book project, and am a co-author for Reefkeeping Basics. This is an e-book, one you'd download to read on your computer as you have the time. There are a total of 14 authors that participated, and each one was interviewed with the same questions, which allows you to compare the comments and learn from all of the combined knowledge. So if you'd like to purchase the book, click on the banner below:

It may be a bit tricky navigating the site; the first page will offer you the chance to win a copy by signing up to a reefkeeping newsletter. I hope you enjoy the e-book, as it was a major undertaking getting all of it amassed with the information and images.

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