Apr 2006

Wed, 04/12/2006 - 05:36

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I created a new page showing how the Acropora valida has been growing over time.
Acropora valida

Tonight I finally harvested the Phyto Jug that has been bubbling daily for the past month. After removing the lid, I mixed it up to get all sediment back in suspension, then siphoned out enough to fill up three 2-liter bottles. What was left in the jug was used to start the new batch. Using a half gallon pitcher with 3 tablespoons of Kent's Sea Salt, I was able to mix up the saltwater at 1.019. I added three pitchers of saltwater to the jug, then 15ml of Miracle Grow and 3ml of Kent's Essential Elements. I topped off with another cup or two of water, and cleaned up the tubing as they were nearly obstructed with saltcreep at their tips. It is bubbling away now. The bottles were stored in the fridge. The phyto is so dark green it is almost black in color. Cool!

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