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Tue, 07/18/2006 - 02:19

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In the past week, a few changes have occured. I added six blue chromis, which look great under VHO lighting. Of course, as of today I only see 5 for some reason...

I have a blue-ish A. millepora that started to RTN at the base. After a couple of days, I saw the coral was about to be engulfed by this deadly situation. RTN is an acronym for Rapid Tissue Neucrosis. I cut off all the live branches and glued them on three separate rocks in the tank, to spread them out and hopefully stop the recession. Two look good as of today, but the third (and prettiest) piece showed signs of more RTN. Tonight I fragged it again, unfortunately. Having to reduce it from its mini-colony status to a bunch of twigs again is discouraging, but it is better than suffering a total loss. I'm going to hold my breath for now, and see if that helps these hang in there.

All water parameters were tested today, and the results were excellent. That's a nice change!

Overall, the tank looks great. Cyano has been a pain, and my refugium is a red mess right now. After giving it some thought, I figured out that the cause is much too much Golden Pearls in my home-made fish food. I added a ton of it, so every feeding it is fueling the cyano. Oops! My next batch probably won't have any in it!

The little Maxima Clam looks really pretty. It jumped down off of its ledge, and I can see it better now.

During the past week, I've been giving mini-tours of my tank to various individuals visiting briefly. Last Wednesday, our club meeting (DFWMAS) was at the LFS by my house, so afterwards I invited over anyone that wanted to see the tank. We had a great time, and you'll hear a couple of excerpts from that night on the next Reefcast. ;)

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