Aug 2006

Mon, 08/21/2006 - 03:04

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As you visit my site, you'll start to notice the new look that is being incorporated as time permits. I do hope you'll like the new look as well as the navigational feature in the left column. Page addresses won't necessarily change, especially the more popular ones.

My goal is to arrange topics into themes, and hopefully I'll be able to follow that plan throughout the site.

MACNA has its own dedicated section. That part of the site is complete.

The Photography section is about half done. All videos are listed to the left, and the articles are formatted. Links to older pages filled with images will be updated as time permits.

My Reef Tanks is going to be a big project. The basics are laid out.

The button  is your shortcut to Hidden Treasure.

And for those of you wondering where the newest episode of Reefcast is, I've got no idea. Evan started his new job last week, and I've not heard from him since. Feel free to email him at reefcast@gmail.com to let him know how you feel.

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