Jul 2004

I need to be more patient and wait for my pets to reveal themselves

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I've been meaning to update my Blog for some time now, but things keep getting in the way. A few days ago, I took pictures of every creature I could in the 55g reef. Here's the page.

Also, I shot a couple of videos just for fun:

Porcelain Crab feeding 1.7 megs

Sun Coral feeding 3.8 megs

Swimming worms! 5.1 megs

I'm still going through a Cyano Bacteria outbreak in the 55g, and a bunch of aiptasia continue to crop up. Using Joe's Juice, I'm trying to erradicate them, plus my hope is that the Peppermint Shrimp I added a few weeks ago will eat some.

I did see the Snowflake eel in my son's tank a few nights ago, when I happened to shine the flashlight across the rockwork. It came out briefly to eat a meaty morsel on the substrate once while we watched, but for the most part it is always out of sight.

The blood shrimp came out for about 5 seconds yesterday, but quickly hid again. Sigh!

I got a Calcium Reactor today, which I'm going to hook up to the 55g in the next few days. It needs some minor repairs and more CO2 before I can get it running.

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