Jun 2004

Watching my fish in secret...

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I updated several webpages on my site with easy shortcuts at the top, to help people navigate my site more easily. :)

That's it, the Rose BTA is no more. I tried everything in my power to keep it alive, but last night it heaved its final breath, and all day today it lay like a sad deflated puddle in the protective container it's been in for the past 10 days. I removed it before the tank was polluted.

The bruised Anthias was very active this evening, eating food with vigor. Maybe the bruising was an accident, maybe it was injured by another fish. Regardless, I'm hoping it will recover. Peaches is such a beauty of a fish, and I just wish it was out in the open more. A bigger tank would probably help, but when she seems me she ducks into the rocks every time. It takes a lot of food at one time to lure her out with me so close.

While watching the tank during the final hour before the lights turned off, all the fish were congregating out in the open at one end of the tank. I'm not sure what was going on, but as long as I stayed still, they stayed out and were a sight to behold. Once I moved, they dashed off in every direction. When I stood back quietly, they did it again. I'd already fed the tank heavily an hour before, so I'm not sure what they were expecting... their tummies had to be full, right?

Here's a nice picture of my Montipora foliosa.

And here's a shot of a section of my 29g reef. Look at all the Mean Green zoanthids! Can you see someone peeking out?

Much to my excitment tonight, I finally got a picture of a copepod in my refugium. This is the first time I've seen one in over two years of searching, when time permitted. I can't wait to add it to my ID page finally!

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