Jun 2004

Pictures, and a PSA

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The partitian is back up protecting the Rose BTA from the cleaner shrimp and the clownfish. I had to hand feed it today, twice. The tentacles simply don't have the ability to hold the food unfortunately. With time and some TLC, I hope it'll regenerate new tentacles.

I took a number of pictures today from my 55g reef. I believe all of these are individual corals.

This coral had light-blue tips when I got it, but for now they seem to have faded. I think they'll be back.

This one has purple tips, but the polyps tend to look brown in the main colony.

This is a purple acro with bright green tips. You can see them in the reflection.

This "Slimer" coral has been growing very nicely in my tank, after a very long period of zero growth and near death.

This fuzzy Pocillopora continues to do well.

Colt Coral, a frag of a frag.

My sun coral, right after eating some Cyclop Eeze. See the red lips? :D

A very healthy Milleopora

My Montipora capricornis, viewable in the reflection better than head on.

moon coral continues to improve in health.

This is probably a Staghorn acropora, and extends hair-like polyps that make me thing it is in the milleopora family.

While checking my 29g today to see the health of my corals, I noticed almost every SPS coral in the tank is looking faded and generally unhappy. After rummaging around in my garage for 30 minutes, I found all the pieces to my Magnum 350 canister filter and the tank water is running through new Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC). Immediately, all the mushrooms that are taking over the tank deflated to half their size or more. I'm really leaning toward the reason there are issues is because the sheer volume of mushrooms in my tank again. :(

I still need to do water tests today, to see if anything else is out of whack.

And here is one Public Service Announcement:

Carbon is for filtering.

Charcoal is for grilling.


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