Jun 2004

Cute little blenny

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Here is a new bicolor blenny, peeking out from the frilly mushrooms. Interestingly, the lower mushroom didn't like the little guy and deflated pretty quickly. It should be interesting to see where this little guy ends up in the future.

And this is what the latest picture of the BTA that split (a total of 4 times). You can see the Maxima Clam wants to host in it now too! Behind the Percula, you can see one of the other BTAs pretty deflated. I'm really trying to feed it, but I have a feeling that it too will die like the other small one did. I may end up with two large healthy ones, but at this point I'm not sure what the end results will be.

I picked up some "Joe's Juice" today to start removing aiptasia in my tanks. The LFS had it in stock, so I didn't have to bother ordering it online.

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