May 2004

Longest BTA split session completed

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Finally! The BTA is done splitting. It only took about two months for it to finish.

I now have three baby BTAs in my 29g. I would have had four, but one disintegrated due to lack of food. My mistake... I was waiting for it to come out in the open to be fed and didn't make it a priority to feed it, and it just melted away one afternoon to my surprise.

I feed the BTAs every other day with krill or shrimp. Now I'll make sure to feed each one of these guys. 

Both protein skimmers are pulling out a lot of fluid lately, since their pumps were thoroughly cleaned recently. This is a nice change, considering the lack of skimmate produced for the past few weeks.

One of the T-5 units won't light anymore. I'll be taking it back for a replacment at the LFS where I bought it.

The promised picture: Three BTAs - Left, Bottom, and Right.

Updated webpage documenting the split over the past 3 months.

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