May 2004

Maintenance day

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All the return pumps were cleaned tonight. While working on that, I pulled out the Aqua C Ev-200 protein skimmer and cleaned it thoroughly, because it wasn't pulling out enough junk for the past few weeks.

When I removed the spray injectors, I found a shell in one - possibly a stomatella shell. That was enough of an obstruction to impede the amount of spray injection, which is why the foam couldn't build up in the tower properly. I replaced some of the plastic hoseclamps on the tubing running from the pump to the skimmer.

At the same time, I built a new stand for the skimmer that is 4.25" tall, compared to the old 3" stand. I'm expecting better skimming now, because the unit was sitting a little too deeply all this time. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to take care of that little project.

I also installed a grounding probe on the 55g finally.

The ongoing saga of my BTA splitting is nearing its end finally. Tonight the Percula was not in the anemone during the dark hours, and pretty much looked lost as it moved from spot to spot. My guess is that the clown knew the anemone was doing something, but after checking just now, she is back in the BTA. The tear is more pronounced, and I hope it finally makes the split soon. Its been like this for about two months.

I prepared 30g of saltwater for the three water changes that need to be done.

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