Nov 2006

All is well, and a few additions...

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Woohoo - Blogger fixed their software and I can make entries more easily again. Yes!

Today I tested the water in the tank. It had been weeks and I didn't really want to find out any bad news, if you know what I mean. To my surprise, everything is great!

Salinity - 1.027sg
Temp - 80.8F
pH - 8.21
Alk - 9.6 dKH
Cal - 450
Mg - 1360
Nitrate - 5ppm
Phosphate - .03ppm
ORP - 297 (but I think that is a false reading)

The tank itself is doing quite well, and the livestock seems very healthy. The main tank is 99.9% cyano free, but the refugium continues to grow that stuff for some reason. I'll just have to extract it manually I suppose.

I added a few new critters earlier this week. A tiny 1" cowrie the size of an olive, and a couple of tiny crabs that will hopefully do no harm as they keep their SPS colonies clean of detritus and pests. Here are a few images. EDIT: Turns out these crabs were bad, so don't add them to your tank. They will break off and eat acropora sp right before your eyes.

Here's that new bubble coral I got earlier this month, finally in the reef. Still looks like a Ricordia, right?

Here it is at night.

And I added a frogspawn to the main display that has been in my prop section for months.

The Tyree frag has continued to heal. I added this picture to the AEFW page on my site, since it made a great recovery.

Now you are all up to date.

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