Dec 2006

Mon, 12/11/2006 - 18:34

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Today I made some calls to see if I could locate a hobbyist-friendly supplier of Weld-On #4, since Tapplastics.com has decided to no longer carry the product. I found a vendor in Indiana that is willing to ship anywhere in the U.S. and have added that information to the Tools page on my site.

There are a few stipulations due to HAZMAT concerns, but Max will explain as needed. In a nutshell, Weld-On #16 is hazardous to ship anywhere, and there is a $20 HAZMAT fee that must be paid. Weld-On #4 is also considered a HAZMAT issue in California, so the same fee must be paid. He's charging a reasonable $10 handling fee to put your order together. So you can order a small kit with Weld-On #4, #16, two applicator bottles, shipping and handling for about $50, or just Weld-On #4 & two applicator bottles for under $30 (as long as you aren't in California).

Hopefully this will help some of you seeking high and low for #4 without luck.

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