Dec 2006

Reefcast: Episode 19; RedSlime Control to the rescue...

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Believe it or not, Episode 19 is now available. Right click; Save As to download it to your computer.

Topics in this show:
Tech Support for Skimmers
MaxiJet modifications
Reefcast's Real Men of Genius
Interview with Andy Howard of IceCap, Inc
Interview with Tim Marks of EcoTech (VorTech)
A special song written just for our podcast;

In other news...

I treated my tank with Red Slime Control, turned off the carbon reactor, cleaned the skimmer completely, turned off the refugium lighting, and will restart the skimmer in the next 24 hours. The water is a tad murky since it hasn't been skimmed in two days, but the cyano is yet again a thing of history.

I modified the second impellar to my Euro-Reef 12-2 to use mesh material, and am really looking forward to seeing how the skimmer does.

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