Jan 2007

Statistics for 2006

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If you've been following my site over time, you know how I love to compare numbers over time. I watch the site's statistics each month as reported by my hosting company. I've been using ipowerweb.com for the past few years, and they do a good job keeping my site up at all times. Here are the numbers for 2006:

Total bandwidth used - 1,600 gigs (or 1.6 terrabytes!)
Total unique visitors - 340,000 
Total hits - 37 million (every file that makes up a webpage is counted as a hit)
Total pages viewed - 3.1 million

I'm very honored that my site continues to be found useful to hobbyists around the world, and I'll continue to update it with more information and new topics as time allows.


I just received my copy of Tropical Fish Hobbyist - Feb 2007. In this issue on page 126 you'll find the Mandarin Diner article I wrote. How cool is that?! I've got a published article in a real (print) magazine. :) Some of my images were included as well.

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