Feb 2007

Reefcast help pages, and a referral system

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I've decided to set up a Referral Program for those of you that have purchased a RO/DI unit from me. For the details, here's the link:


So tell others and start saving some money. :)

In other news...

The tank is doing quite well. I got in some new plumbing parts for the angled tank that I'm going to install very soon. I've been trying to find the perfect stand, but nothing seems right. I may just have to build my own instead. Stay tuned.

Evan came over this weekend and we worked on the next episode of Reefcast. It'll be out soon, and when it is I'll be sure to post it to my log.

For those of you trying to download the shows but don't understand how it works, I created two new pages on my site. The first page is a list of all the episodes, and you can download them to your harddrive. Remember to Right Click & Save As, paying attention to where it saves on your computer.
Reefcast Episodes

The other page is a Reefcast Tutorial. It shows you with images how to navigate the Reefcast site, how to download files, how to find the show notes, how to use Itunes and more!
Reefcast Tutorial

Enjoy! If you have comments, questions or suggestions, send them to reefcast@gmail.com

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