May 2004

Getting things done feels great

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Here's the picture of the Alveopora I promised. I updated the ID page, now with 128 items identified.

While cleaning the 55g's glass today, I rearranged a few corals and rockwork to make things look better. It also makes it easier to clean the glass because I was able to sqeeze out a little more space between the reef and the front pane.

Peaches has been hiding a lot lately, but when she comes out, she's beautiful. My guess is a larger tank will be the only thing that will bring her out in the open. That, or feeding less so that she's out in search of food.

The new Rose BTA was fluffed up this evening, looking better than it did this morning.

It's time to make more food because the last batch is completely used up.

About 6 months ago, I bought a few 24v fans and a powersupply that I planned to use to cool the 55g reef. Today a club member came over and quickly showed me how to wire it correctly. I misunderstood the schematics and wasn't able to get them working, but now it is crystal clear. I'm going to mount two fans in the canopy and two over the sump.

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