Jul 2008

A bad worm...

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Ten days ago, I started dosing with Vodka to see how that does at lowering Nitrate and Phosphate levels in my reef. I'm taking a very slow approach to this to avoid harming the livestock. It will probably take another week to determine if it is having any effect at all.

Water parameters have been updated.

I discovered this bright orange worm in my reef. It eats both snails and clams. Its body seems to have legs on the sides like a millipede, rather than bristles like a bristleworm. During the latenight hours, I could find them with a flashlight. They retract like lightning, using a mucous to slip out of sight. The mucous is used not only as a means of travel, but also to stun / poison the animal it is about to devour. Plus, it doesn't seem to mind climbing out of the water! I've removed four so far, and each of them were easily 8 to 12" long. Click these four images for larger one.

The woodwork around the tank is completed. The column on the right side of the tank holds the Aqua Controller II.

And in June the light was finally suspended over the angled tank, something I'd put off for almost a year.

The reef is doing well. Here are a few shots from July.

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