Oct 2008

PAR meter Group Buy

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If you are thinking about buying a PAR meter, check out the Group Buy being organized on Reefcast:

Save 40% per meter!

This is a nationwide group buy, and the money will be paid directly to the manufacturer, not to the organizers (Reefcast crew). I think it is important that more people own this meter to measure the amount of light pouring down into their tanks:

- Find out specifically how much light is in the tank, at the top, the middle and near the substrate.
- Find out how much light specific corals are receiving.
- Find out how the bulb is holding up over time
- Determine for yourself if you need better reflectors, or if you need to clean the ones you have.
- When you share frags with others, you can tell them precisely how much light it received so they can find a suitable spot in their system - eliminating the guesswork finally.
- Compare the different PAR (light intensity) of various bulbs and ballasts that you already own, instead of hoping they are good enough to do the job.

I did some testing myself earlier this year, if you want to learn more: PAR Measurements

With the group buy, you can save $100. Instead of $249, the PAR meter will only cost $149 each. A bargain that many of us can finally afford!

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