Nov 2008

The Reef Shop is open at last

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I've added a new page to my site, specifically for the items I sell. Some people get confused and think I run a LFS (local fish store) or that I sell all sorts of stuff. I focus primarily on RO/DI water filtration, but do acrylic work as well. So here is the new page, which you will see as a new button on many of my pages, as well as by this graphic on the front page of my site:

The URL is simple: http://melevsreef.com/shop

The associated pages will soon match that page. 

After the new NightSea article "Capturing the Unseen" came out in this month's Reefkeeping Magazine, a friend of mine is organizing a Group Buy to purchase the gear for more of us to take great fluorescing pictures. Click on this graphic to get the details.

Be sure to read the guidelines carefully, and save some money on yet another fascinating facet of our hobby.

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