Jan 2009

Easy Blade scraper

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This product has been around a while, but I didn't want to get it until it had its own cleaning magnet...
So I finally got one!

The scraper comes with one razor blade (double-edged), but I also got a 10-pack for back up.

I laid out all the goodies, which is fairly straight forward. All you do is glue the scraper to the magnet's inner section (the half with the rough pad). I used Super Glue Gel. When gluing, make sure the blade hangs off the end of the work area, not pressing down on the work surface. The goal is to have the scraper slightly lower than the cleaning pad.

Profile shot:

I let it cure overnight. The next morning, I adjusted the small screw so the blade extended. and got to work.

It did a great job, cleaning along the sand line and fully into those hard to reach corners. It works around the Vortech pumps, and what I really like is how the blade reaches further than the magnet does. When cleaning around the motor of the Vortech pump, the cord tends to be in the way, but the scraper does a great job without having to get under that wire with the entire magnet. You just scrape from either side to clear away any algae.

It is important not to run this blade parallel with the silicone, because it will slice right under it. Better to work toward the silicone perpendicularly, nibbling away at film algae and coralline.

Once done, I took it out of the water, rinsed it off, and remove the blade. It was rinsed well, dried and wrapped in a paper towel until next time.

I plan to use it on the back panel as well, which is tough to reach behind the corals. This should work out well. And I'll also use it on the overflows, holding it in my hand while working from the back of the tank.

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