Apr 2009

LFS page updated

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I've gotten some emails lately about the LFS (local fish store) page on my site, because people that visit the area like to see what's available to see while they are in town. I made some updates since some stores were gone, others moved location, and a couple of new ones cropped up.

Then a guy on DFWMAS requested that the map be interactive at the top. He wanted to be able to zoom into his area. He even gave me a scrap of code to get me started, and the rest of my afternoon was devoured learning how to make an awesomely colorful map. LOL

For those of you waiting for me to get something done, I'm on it. Yes, I feel guilty, and yes your stuff is on the top of my To Do list. :)

In the meantime, here's the new version. Enjoy! DFW LFS page

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