Aug 2009

New product: 150gpd 5-stage RO/DI system with booster pump and more!

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Melev's Reef is proud to announce a new product available from our Reef Shop:

This system has been in development for some time, and I had the first one shipped directly to me for testing. This is big upgrade from the regular 100gpd system I've been selling for years. The 150gpd membrane produces an average of 6.25 gallons per hour. The matching booster pump will provide this rate or better, based upon water conditions in your area.

Included with this 5-stage system is a dual in-line TDS meter, which allows you to measure the TDS of the water before and after the DI section. The meter shuts off automatically after 30 seconds. The default display is the "IN" probe, which I recommend be installed after the DI section, and the "OUT" probe should be installed before the DI to determine what is coming out of the RO membrane.

The booster pump is securely bolted to the enlarged wall bracket, which also holds the power supply. A 110v outlet needs to be nearby to power the booster pump, which will turn on and off automatically when water is being made. Once you close the ball valve on the output line, the system pressurizes and the booster pump shuts off - all is silent.

Running a RO/DI system with a booster pump is audible, and I would say it sounds like the icemaker filling up in the refrigerator. The sound may help avoid some floods, something silent RO/DI systems tend to do when we don't keep an eye on the collection container.

If you have a larger aquarium, run an aquarium-service business, or are on a well, this system will definitely supply your needs. Click below to learn more and order one today.

150gpd Boosted RO/DI

Please help spread the word to your friends or your club. :)

I'm so impressed that I think I'll keep using the prototype for my reef. Seeing water being produced at 92-96 PSI is impressive. It makes 5 gallons in 35 minutes - talk about warp speed!

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