Dec 2009

A new site coming soon

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A few new corals have been purchased over the past couple of months, and images will be posted soon. November was a very busy month for me as DFWMAS had a number of events take place... my job as membership coordinator keeps me on my toes... and of course preparing for the club functions to help them run smoothly. I even had the opportunity to visit a couple of clubs, and will be heading to Houston next weekend for their Dec 12th meeting to talk about Reef Photography.

And unfortunately for the past few months I've had some major back pain that stopped me from doing a lot of online stuff, like answering your questions. My focus was only to do what I absolutely had to, while seeing a chiropractor three times a week to hopefully get myself back to normal. After five weeks of various treatments, I am feeling better and returning to my normal routine. Those of you that felt ignored - I apologize. My health comes first, so that I can be here in the future. :)

Speaking of the future, a new website is surfacing very soon. Here's the link:

Become a fan & tell your addict friends so that more information can be released before the official start date.

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