Jul 2010

The 280g reef is no more

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Seven days ago, I discovered my carpet was wet where you enter my home. Immediately I checked the angled tank and the plumbing in the closet. Everything was dry. Feeling the carpet as I backed up, I discovered that it was wet all the way back to my reef tank. I opened the left wooden column of the woodwork only to see soaked wood and my tank dripping from the upper left corner. I thought I'd try to save it. Here's the information about that process: The 280g reef is leaking

Last Sunday was the 4th of July, and a few friends came over to help transfer all of the livestock out of the tank before the seam let go. We worked late into the night, and were able to save everything. 100g troughs were set up and plumbed into the sump to provide all the filtration. The live rock was put in a separate barrel with a skimmer to avoid any cycling issues. 

In the meantime, a new tank is in the planning stages: My next tank...

I'm going to miss my beautiful reef which was at its peak, but without a trustworthy aquarium, I had no choice but to pull it apart. I'll be sharing pictures of that process and the temporary set up soon. If you'd like to donate to the reef fund, a friend of mine felt you should have that option. I'm happy if you buy something from my reef shop for your tank.

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