Oct 2012

Melev's Reef at DFW MACNA

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September 28-30, 2012: MACNA came to Texas this year and not only was my club the host, but I was part of the planning committee. Lots of work was required to pull off the show, and in the end it was stellar. Here are a few pictures pertaining to my company.

The first picture is of a 40g breeder that I drilled, installed a corner overflow, bulkheads and plumbing. It stands on a powdercoated EZtube frame with light hanger, and a custom sump was built to fit like a glove. I used this to let people try out the Top Down Photo Boxes I sell, and the setup went into the raffle.

The next picture showed how RO/DI water was produced for livestock vendors all weekend. 

The awesome 300gpd 9-stage free standing RO/DI system in the raffle. A tank maintenance service won it. Nice!!  That was a $1200 prize, with 20" housings, booster pump, controller, dual TDS, and UV assembly.

The final pictures were of my booth. It looks great, right?

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