Feb 2004

SPS corals showing nice potential

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First of all, my Montipora capricornis frag is finally doing something exciting! I got a chip of a frag last year, and it just never did anything. Then I got this nice orange piece last August, but algae grew on it, it fell into my Milleopora several times, each time stinging the crap out of it to where a chunk would bleach and die..... Finally I used a zip-tie strap to hold this piece on a boulder of LR and it has been growing for me.

I took this macro shot today, and look what I see deep down in the ridges: POLYPS! I never get to see them and it was exhilarating to find a few.

See the polyps on this Montipora capricornis?

About the same time last year, I got a very nice piece of Green Slimer. However it got knocked around in my tank and Cyano got ahold of it and caused parts to be smothered. I was fed up with the twig, but left it alone. I've been watching it slowly grow more tissue over the coralline covered branches over the past couple of months, and in the last few weeks it has burst out with new tiny branches that, given time, will make whole new sections if I keep up the good work.

Green Slimer displays growth

This little staghorn frag has been in the same spot for the whole duration. I've not bumped, touched, or dropped anything on it yet, and I love how it has encrusted the area near the base. New branches are popping out of the horizontal branch.

Encrusting coral at the base; new growth near top.

I love this purple/pink acropora. The tips are bright green, and it is very tough to get a shot of it. I took this with my top down photo box, and the colors are pretty accurate. The base is encrusting outward, and one little twig grew outwards from one branch and connected with the other branch so it will become a thick bridge in that space. If all goes well, that will be the mass that is a trunk one day.

Vivid colors; slow grower

When I bought this Acropora sp. it was so light yellow that I pretty much believed it was a fake. However, little acro crabs were in the trunk, and they don't typically take up residence in dead/fake corals. Here it is today, shot with my top down photo box. It's really beautiful from above.

Acropora sp. colony

This is a top view of a Pocillopora damicornis, the green fuzzy kind. It has done very nicely, even though it has been moved at least 5 times since I got it. Each time a new coral shows up, this guy had to be relocated.

Pocillopora damicornis

Not much to look at, but this tiny blob is where my Milleopora touched the LR and left a gift. It is just doing its thing, and maybe one day I'll have a chunk of coral to look at. The coral in the foreground is the proud parent.

Future coral!

and the last image.....

This frag is some type of Acropora sp. I don't really know what it is, but you can see the growth of multiple tips all over it. At night it extends clear fleshy polyps for feeding.

A frag with a lot of potential

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