Feb 2004

The 5100K refugium bulb is working out splendidly

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The new 5100K bulb over my refugium is really making a difference. The macro plants are growing fast and furious. I was worried about it, but it looks like it was a success. :)

The sand storm from yesterday morning (in the 55g reef) left half the tank looking super clean. I'm ready to start a man-made sandstorm on the other end just so it will match. LOL

My phytoplankton culture almost crashed. It was on Day 6 since it was split last, and the color was a ugly drab army green. I decided to quickly start two new bottles with some phyto stored in the fridge from last week's harvest, and not use the current culture. While growing it is pretty easy, it doesn't take long to go from great to bad. Just inspecting it visually each day should prevent a crash, if you are considering growing some yourself.

The new site map page has been updated, and hopefully will be even easier to navigate.

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