Feb 2004

I added a new sump page

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The new sump I built to go under my 29g was installed this evening. It is working just as planned, and looks great! I made a new webpage with all the details and pictures.

While pulling everything out of the old refugium to put into the new one, I found all kinds of life in there. My Crown Conch was alive and well, even though I'd not seen it since the day it was put in there, months ago! My guess is this is the type of conch that never breaks the surface of the sandy substrate. The fact that it is alive is excellent, and by its method of working 'beneath the surface' I didn't find any bad areas in the sand at all.

I also found my Mud Crab, hiding in the bubble chamber where LR rubble breaks up the bubbles. He's doing just fine. The two or three huge bristleworms made the transition as well, although I didn't touch them.

It did take about an hour to redesign the cooling fan bracket, but the new one is perfect and cleaning the fan will be much easier than before. The fan drops into the bracket, so by lifting it out I can clean either the fan or the holder with ease.

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