Jan 2004

Livestock under different lighting

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Here are a few nice shots taken recently.

First, my Maxima. It has been in my 29g reef under 165w PC lighting on CC substrate for 16 months.

Some Orange Bytor Zoanthids. I'm proud of this shot. They are in my 55g reef with MH lighting.

My Red Goniopora looked huge and I snapped a shot. THe previous owner told me he feed it flake food, and had it for 9 months. I'm hoping to maintain that success. It is in my 55g.

I got one more Wavy Turban Snail (Astrea Undosa), since my last one has continued to thrive in my 55g. I put the Turban in my 29g.

Today's picture of the recently added baby clownfish. It was added for my 6yr old Percula. The baby is tank raised and about 6 months old. They are enjoying the BTA that is 18 months old and has been under 165w of PC lighting.

The two Target Mandarins aren't really getting along yet. The green one (male) seems pretty aggressive, darting toward it and the orange one continues to meekly move aside and away. I don't know if they will bond or not, but it has only been a few days. Time will tell.

I'm growing some brine shrimp right now so I can feed live food to the tank in case the new Mandarin isn't eating. If she's stressed, the only thing she'll eat may be baby brine shrimp. What surprises me is that she doesn't try to hide in the rockwork, which would seem the normal reaction to being bothered. When I do see her, she's on the sand near the front corners of the tank.

Perhaps this is all normal and a week from now they'll be a couple for life.

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