Jan 2004

Bought another Wavy Turban snail

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For a brief moment, the two mandarins were swimming together, but then they went their separate ways. Since adding the Orange one, the Green Target Mandarin is not out as much. I'm not sure why yet. I fed the tank with live Brine Shrimp to make sure the new mandarin has some live food to eat, and everyone in the tank was excited to chase this live food for once.

The BTA looked amazing today, which is pretty crazy since yesterday it looked pretty sad and I was thinking I should feed it perhaps. However, I didn't end up feeding it and today it still looked beautiful. I added a big Wavy Turban snail to the 29g yesterday and it is doing great today. Here is the link to the first one I bought a few months ago that is still doing well. That is why I bought one for my other tank.

I can't find the Porcelain crab but it may still come out for me.

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