Jan 2004

I love this hobby!

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Last night, I picked up a tank raised True Percula from Gary. It was chased out of his display by some mean clowns, and was living in his sump. Very small in size, I think this is part of Andy's first brood of clownfish.

I added it to my 29g late last night after lights were out, and after a few hours checked to see what was going on. The 6 year old True Percula was guarding his anemone and pretty much chasing the baby clown away. However, I think that is part of the dominance thing, and finally went to sleep.

Today when I got up, the 6 yr old was out in the top corner of the tank away from the BTA. That is very unusual, as he (maybe she) only does this in the evening when he anticipates dinner hour. My Percula was part of a pair for years, but almost 2 years ago, its mate jumped from the tank and it has been alone ever since. Due to the difference in size, I felt the new clown might end up mating with the 6 yr old.

Anyway, this is what I saw:

This tiny guy was swimming around in the BTA within 12 hours of introduction to the tank! He's smaller than a single tentacle, so it is absolutely adorable. I watched the pair of clowns today, and to be honest, I don't expect any problems between them based on their actions.

The 6 yr old is either putting up with the tiny guy, or is going to accept him. Here's a better picture, so you can see them together. (I intentionally used that other image above to make you look harder, like "Where's Waldo?"....hehehe)

I also got a Hammer Coral from Gary, because it was getting too big for his tank. This coral and the Green Frogspawn are very popular and I've often wanted one or both. It was opened up today and I hope will do well.

My tank is full now. I don't think anything else can go in unless something comes out, because corals that touch each other are stung through 'chemical warfare.' Corals do this to assure their own piece of real estate on the reef.

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