Four Year Anniversary of my 400g reef

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Today marks four years when the livestock was placed in my 400g reef. Here are all the links I talked about in this video:

Reef Trace app: https://itunes.apple.com/app/reeftrace/id1280244308?l=en&mt=8

See what I share: www.facebook.com/melevsreef

Water testing party at Frank's Tanks tomorrow: http://www.dfwmas.org/event/water-testing-event-at-franks-tanks/?instance_id=35

Live Stream about Auto Top Off: This channel at 2pm CST tomorrow (Saturday 11/11/17)

Sebae anemone: http://melevsreef.com/critters/sebae-anemone-heteractis-malu

Tiny clam: http://melevsreef.com/critters/baby-clam

Tracy Morgan gorgonian: http://melevsreef.com/critters/gorgonian-pseudoplexaura-sp

Mandarin: http://melevsreef.com/critters/psychedelic-mandarin

XHO lighting video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyIbJff2bLY

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