Joseph Le's tanks - Austin, Tx

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Here are pictures from Joseph Le's tanks. His main 125 gallon reef was lit with 12000K and 14000K Metal Halide bulbs. I tried a few white balance settings, but decided to just take the pictures and not worry about getting it exactly right. The corals look pretty darn nice to me. Included are images from two other tanks he has running as well. Their lighting was different, so images will vary in coloration.

Acanthastrea macro

M. confusa

SPS corals

SPS corals

Acropora tenuis

A. valida, perhaps

Lobophyllia, red

Pavona, perhaps

Birdsnest, blue polyps

M. digitata, pink

Ricordia, gorgeous!

Zoanthids sp.

Frag tank with ricordia

A. nana, perhaps

Acropora sp.

Acropora sp. frag

Acropora prostrata, perhaps

Acropora yongei (Green Slimer)


Majano anemonia, grandis - LOL

Yellow Polyps

Yellow Tangs



French Fry coral, because I can't recall the real name now.

End of tank

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