Gabriel's 125 gallon Reef

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Gabriel's tank is a 125g system. It has an external overflow, Seio and Korallia pumps for flow, and some DIY reflectors to get the most out of the MH lighting.

Full tank shot 

Left side 


Right side 

End of the tank (white balance adjustment) 


Some very intense zoanthids 

A. sarmentosa 

T. maxima, I believe 

Green Star - whoops, Anemonia Majanos! ( LOL ) 

M. capricornis 

This Acropora was the showpiece of the tank to me. Acropora sp. 

Acropora sp. 

Superman montipora, encrusting nicely 

A. prostrata 

M. digitata, purple 

A. millepora, with pink & green 

Dragon's Breath algae 

End of the tank, without white balance adjustment 

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